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Song meme thing... - Denyer [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Song meme thing... [Jan. 6th, 2005|01:34 am]
Stolen from doom_magic.

Step 1: Get your playlist together, put it on random, and play
Step 2: Pick your favorite lines from the first 25 songs that play
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from
Step 4: Cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly

And do not use a search engine these lyrics. That's cheating.

If anyone actually does try, I wouldn't fault you for hitting Google... my tastes in music are a bit eclectic...

1) If there's a song to play / that doesn't fit today / why not just play the bastard anyway? Ignore those journalists / we're just one mind you miss / the only voice is what you say is yours / so don't get lost in corporate corridors...

2) Cross when the drawbridge light is green / don't look back to that messed up scene. Packing blankets and dirty sheets / a room full of dust and a broom to sweep up / all the troubles you and I have seen...

3) Sad but true / but the list is too long / if I had to name you all you wouldn't fit in this song / this magnum's got me thinkin' and it's making me pissed / your lives were taken too early; you will always be missed. / All the mothers who cry and the fathers who mourn / for every life that's taken there's another child born. / That doesn't make it better and it doesn't make it right I'm just thankful everyday that you came in my life...

4) You and I, we're just the same / Others left, we remain / The remains of people getting by. / I make plans, fill our shelves / A drunk from drinking to my health / The same old bitter red that we've been drinking all our lives... / But on...this...day... / I'll step forward / Through this jaded crowd / And this... old... town... will remember / How the tables turned around

5) Well I used to think that bad times lay behind me / I used to think I had my share of pain / My friends all tried to tell me I was dreamin' / Yeah, but I just stood behind you all the same...

6) Here's the eighth of the seven wonders / Here's the pay back without a crime / Here's to all the baby-shit so major at the time. / From the last of the great pretenders to the new television age / And the few who still remember passion over rage...

7) Back on my planet they laugh at my jokes / and everyone drinks and everyone smokes / no-one speaks 'less they've something to say...

8) A time to live, a time to die, a time to open up your arms and sing: I'm in love with a rock 'n' roll world...

9) We were slipping and sliding down along the Palisade. / She was up front and I was about ten paces behind. / I shuffled up and tapped her on the shoulder. / I said "I remember you I served you vodka and orange last night." / She said "aren't you the bar man from downstairs in the Bay Hotel?" / I said, I said, / I care for you, I care for you I do...

10) You hit me with your hazel eyes, / And I stand back, cause I don't know, / You hit me with your hazel eyes / And I said I would like you to know that, / I'd like you to know that, / I'm a man and I stand at the top of a hill / and my head is high and my eyes are still / he says don't you know what I want you to see / I was born on a mountain in Tennessee / I killed my first bear when I was only 3 / I was born on a mountain in Tennessee

11) We're Nothing Special / Identical Imbeciles / Call Around On A Sunday And Cop A Feel/ We're All Clones Bullshit Down The Phone / Wanna Join My Cult And Keep My Pocket Full / What's In Your Head / I Think It's Your Big Bang Theory / Don't Ask Me Now I'm Still Far Too Young To Follow You / Don't Ask Me Now I've Still Got A Million Things To Do / Fireside Security Legoland Family / Six Feet Save Me From My Crimes / Teenage Turbulence Trashcan Tragedies / The Weeping Of A Willow Under Sky / We Are Marching Like Pigs To The Market Of Flesh / With Humps On Our Backs And Hair On The Palms Of Our Hands

12) If we don't remember / the dead will rise again / to kick our fucking heads in / for not remembering...

13) I want you to be impressed / I want you to think I'm James Dean-esque / Don't you know I know your address / I'll come around and take you hostage.

14) Seven different santas / in seven different shops at the same time / all scared that the real one will arrive / seven different gods / in seven different churches at the same old time... / all scared that the real one will arrive... / I come in two halves, really good and really bad... / I come in two halves, really good and really bad...

15) My dealer drives a three-wheeler / lives in a house by the side of the sea / and his girlfriend is all a bit hazy / droops like a daisy, they're laughing at me...

16) Booze and cigarettes go together / like you and me do in sunny weather / let's stick together / I want you too...

17) No I don’t claim to be a wiseman / A poet or a saint / I’m just another man who’s searching / For a better way / But my heart beats loud as thunder / For the things that I believe / Sometimes I wanna run for cover / Sometimes I want to scream / / Bang a drum for tomorrow / Bang a drum for the past / Bang a drum for the heroes / That won’t come back / Bang a drum for the promise / Bang a drum for the lies / Bang a drum for the lovers / And the tears they’ve cried / Bang a drum bang it loudly / Or as soft as you need / But as long as my heart keeps on bangin’ / I got a reason to believe

18) I struggle to think of a beastier beast / than the beast I became / Gone to the pub in pyjamas and slippers again / Driven only by the Herculean desire / To fill my body with anything / that helps me forget it's a body in the first place / Gone to the pub in pyjamas and slippers again / Humankind, never stood a chance / Too scared to leave the house / Far from the madding crowd / Gonna be a fatcamp hero now / So began, the chronicles of man / This weak distorted thing / Evil and all that jazz / Came out of Africa

19) If she gets a black eye / I want a black eye / If she gets a splinter / I want a splinter too / If she gets arrested / I want arrested / If she goes tripping / I go falling over / We walk through the streets / like lottery winners on acid / Everything she say, I was thinking anyway

20) Summer is coming / And I hope I feel better by the time it does / Then I could leave my room my cocoon / Find the door and walk out to the sun / Feel like I’ve moved on / Lessons learnt my mind is feeling calm and so reassured / Yeah things are on the up / I’m on top of the situation I’ve endured

21) when they come for me / I'll be sitting at my desk / with a gun in my hand / wearing a bulletproof vest / singing my my my / how the time does fly / when you know you're going to die / by the end of the night

22) We’re so glad to see so many of you lovely people here tonight, and we would especially like to welcome all the representatives of illinois’ law enforcement community who have chosen to join us here in the in the palace hotel ballroom at this time. We do sincerely hope you’ll all enjoy the show, and please remember people, that no matter who you are, and what you do to live, thrive and survive, there are still some things that make us all the same.

23) Swing low, sweet cherry, yeah, it's awful / You're ripe for the picking, it's so awful / You've got your youth / Don't waste your money / Yeah it's awful / I was punk! / Now I'm just stupid! / I'm so awful / Oh, just shut up you're only 16

24) Bunnies aren't just cute like everybody supposes, / They've got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses. / And what's with all the carrots? / What do they need such good eyesight for anyway?

25) And you know, they've always had, / always had big plans for you. / Just to walk you through / and cloud your views. Woah-oh-ho. / And I'll never say, / Everythings OK. / Don't wanna say that / you're giving up right now. / Just hold your ground, / and don't give up, / in what you believe. / Big plans. / Big crash. / Don't be different, / when you can't be yourself.


[User Picture]From: denyer
2006-09-27 07:20 pm (UTC)
1) The Wildhearts - Schizophonic
2) Eels - Packing Blankets
3) The Transplants - Sad But True
4) The Hot Puppies - A Small Killing (On This Day)
5) The Wildhearts - Love U 'Til I Don't
6) The Wildhearts - News of the World
7) The Wildhearts - Do The Channel Bop
8) The Wildhearts - Anthem
9) The Crocketts - Palisade
10) The Crocketts - Tennessee
11) The Crocketts - Million Things
12) The Crocketts - Ladykiller
13) The Crocketts - James Dean-esque
14) The Crimea - Girl Just Died
15) Murry the Hump - Green Green Grass
16) Murry the Hump - Booze and Cigarettes
17) Bon Jovi - Bang a Drum
18) The Crimea - Out of Africa
19) The Crimea - Lottery Winners on Acid
20) Charlotte Hatherley - Summer
21) Catch 22 - Keasbey Nights
22) The Blues Brothers - Everybody Needs Somebody
23) Hole - Awful
24) BtVS: Once More With Feeling
25) Less Than Jake - Big Crash
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